Multi-Layered Security System

Safety / Security / Peace of Mind for you and your belongings... it's what you expect from a storage facility, and at Airport Mini-Storage, it's our top priority.  So we protect our facility and your belongings with layers of state-of-the-art security including:

Computerized entry

Computerized Entry and Exit

To enter or exit the facility, each tenant is issued a small wallet-sized proximity card that must be placed near the card reader to open the main entrance gate and turn off the alarm for just that unit. This helps ensure that only tenants have access to the property and unit.

Electronic security alarm on premium units

Electronic Security Alarm (Premium Units)

There is an electronic security alarm in each unit which is connected to a monitoring system. The tenant turns the alarm off when entering with their proximity card and re-arms the alarm when they use their proximity card upon leaving. Our management is immediately alerted to unauthorized access to a unit.

Digital video cameras

Digital Video Cameras

For your safety and peace of mind our network of 16 digital color video cameras automatically start recording when motion is detected. 24 hours a day they are an effective deterrent to unauthorized people or unusual activity on the property.

Security lighting

Security Lighting

The facility has a network of over 100 super-bright LED flood lights, which provides you with ample light to safely load or unload your unit. The inside hallways have end-to-end fluorescent lighting. Our extra-large units have a 110 volt ceiling light or fluorescent lighting so you'll have plenty of light to load/unload your property.

Fully fenced and gated

Fully Fenced and Gated

Our facility is protected by a professionally installed six foot high metal chain link fence topped with barb wire. This helps ensure that unauthorized persons don't enter the facility. You can be rest assured that we make security of your belongings priority number one.

Advanced lock system on storage units

Advanced Lock System

At Airport Mini-Storage each unit is required to have a "disc" or round style lock. This type of lock is recommended by law enforcement as it is very difficult to cut off. Each lock also has a security sticker, so if a unit does not have a sticker this will immediately alert our management to investigate further.